Our Facility

We are the most state of the art export marine fish wholesale facility in Sri Lanka which has been built to provide top quality marine life to globe, just 10 minutes away from CMB airport ensuring the minimal arrival time to the destination once the shipment is packed.

  Selection of healthy , disease/stress free high quality marine fish and invertebrates at our facility.  
  Daily operations at OMINTA , constant monitoring and close supervision which is very important to a healthy and quality stock.    
  Packing methods ensures the minimal freight cost and excellent arrival of a highest quality marine ornamental specimens while maintain consistency and best fill rates.    

Our experienced , well trained , innovative and dedicated team behind the process of collection, transportation , selection , acclimation ,maintenance , packing, and exportation.

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Nirmala Fernando

(Directress Marketing / Operations)


Vijayantha Rangajeewa

(CEO / Managing Director)